Natural Skin Care Products

Pure Earth manufactures and distributes the best Australian natural skin care products on the market. Many years of research and refinement have contributed to the formulation of Pure Earth natural skin care products ensuring optimum safety for you and your environment. You care, so we care.

As we become more aware of the increased use of harsh chemicals in our daily lives, natural skin care products are growing in demand. Products are increasingly formulated with synthetic chemicals for their ease of manufacture and low cost but we need to know more about the hidden dangers of their usage.

Customers who use Pure Earth natural skin care products often find they no longer experience a range of allergic reactions including asthma, itchy scalp, rashes and a host of other discomforts. Glowing testimonials on our natural skin care products are regularly received when the nasty chemicals found in many personal care concoctions are eliminated from our customers' daily lives.

Pure Earth is proud to offer natural skin care products containing all the benefits of organic herbs and essential oils which are extremely beneficial for your skin and hair. Our unique range of herbal formulations indulges all tastes and promotes well-being for you and those you care about.

7 Reasons to try Pure Earth Natural Skin Care Products

  1. Pure Earth natural skin care products are totally natural using only plant based ingredients with NO harmful chemicals or additives
  2. Pure Earth natural skin care products are not tested on animals nor do they contain any animal derivatives
  3. Pure Earth uses the finest, highest quality ingredients including certified organic herbs and plant extracts in generous quantities for greater effectiveness
  4. All Pure Earth natural skin care products help the environment due to the biodegradability of our natural ingredients and recyclable packaging
  5. Pure Earth is an Australian owned company and all our natural skin care products are Australian made
  6. Pure Earth natural skin care products are backed by a 30 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee
  7. All Pure Earth natural skin care products are reasonably priced offering affordable quality for everyone

Organic Skin Care Products

Synthetic chemicals are abundant in many skincare products as well as in our food and even the water we drink. As we learn more we are demanding alternatives and organic skin care products with no harsh chemicals are a priority in every health conscious and environmentally concerned person's mind these days.

Many chemicals found in skin care products are suspected carcinogens and are linked to a range of uncomfortable disorders. Parabens for example are widely used as a preservative in many cosmetics yet have come under suspicion with a link to breast cancer. Be sure to refer to Pure Earth Chemical Information page for more details.

Pure Earth organic skin care products do not contain synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives or colouring and no harmful chemicals. Many years of research have contributed to the Pure Earth range of organic skin care products formulated for the safety of the community and benefit to the environment. At Pure Earth we are committed to providing information about our Australian organic skin care products so that you can educate yourself and make your own decisions about what you put on your body.

The herbal ingredients and plant extracts found in Pure Earth natural & organic skin care products are Australian certified organic (ACO) by TGA approved manufacturers who also carry BFA, NASAA and OFC organic certification. Pure Earth distributes natural & organic skin care products Australia wide and to a growing list of overseas destinations.

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"Been using your shampoo on my 4 year old ever since he was born and it is brilliant, thank you"
- Victoria, NSW

“Still the best products on the planet. Thanks for keeping them free from everything!”
- Kathryn, Victoria

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