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Twitter here we come!

by Gail Chadwick

Our new website's been up for a few months now (thanks, everyone!), so I thought it time to jump into the Social Media side of things (scary, huh?). Okay, so save me from a long ramble...here's where you benefit from our daily Tweets:

  • Exclusive offers for our Twitter followers (what's that? You're not on Twitter? Sign up!
  • Learn about how hot it gets on the Gold Coast (okay, we have some fun here, too!)
  • Watch out for our HOUR OFFERS and promo codes - again, our Twitter followers see these!

So, follow us and join in the conversation (and get access to Twitter exclusive stuff!)

I look forward to "chatting" with you!




November 10, 2011



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"Been using your shampoo on my 4 year old ever since he was born and it is brilliant, thank you"
- Victoria, NSW

“Still the best products on the planet. Thanks for keeping them free from everything!”
- Kathryn, Victoria

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