Mud Mask Normal (Pink) 70g


Pink Clay Mask.            Ideal for Normal or Combination skin types.

Our clay masks are rich in pure earth minerals and mineral salts to remove impurities and toxins from the pores whilst revitalising your skin.

Our beautiful clay masks are made from 100% pure and natural organic Clays, packaged in their natural powdered dry form.

Pink Clay has a gentle softening and refining effect on the skin.

How to use our clay mask?

We recommend our Pure Earth natural clay mask be used once a week as a special cleansing skin treatment, prior to toning and moisturising.

  • gently cleanse the face and throat with Pure Earth Cleanser to remove makeup
  • mix a small amount of powedered clay with purified water to make a wet paste
  • gently apply the clay mix to a moist face and throat area
  • taking care to avoid the delicate skin around the eyes and avoiding the lips
  • then, put your feet up, relax and enjoy the soothing effect whilst toning and refining your complexion
  • when dry, gently rinse the face and throat area with luke warm water until totally clean
  • gently pat dry
  • follow with Pure Earth Facial Skin Toner
  • and to finish, moisturise with Pure Earth Facial Moisturiser
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"Been using your shampoo on my 4 year old ever since he was born and it is brilliant, thank you"
- Victoria, NSW

“Still the best products on the planet. Thanks for keeping them free from everything!”
- Kathryn, Victoria

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